The VIDEN app is a unique business tool that aims to connect, engage and retain your clients, prospects and staff. Features include an easy to use multi-page document scanner with smart tags, built-in chat facility connected to Slack and a variety of dashboards displaying key performance metrics and ratios automatically synchronised with both Xero and Intuit Quickbooks accounting software.

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The intelligent document scanner lets you simply take pictures or choose from your gallery to create a multi-page PDF.

Automatically crops and straightens the image and applies a filter to enhance the legibility.

The Smart Tag feature allows you to quickly re-name the file based on time, date, name, location and other common categories such as Work, Personal, Tax and Expense. The in-built Tag Editor allows you to customise your tag list to suit. Add some notes and send the PDF to your registered email.

For Bookkeeping clients, simply tap “Send Copy To Bookkeeper” and our team will process and file your documents appropriately.

Pro Tip: Setup rules in your email client to automatically send files to folders based on your tags. eg. Personal Tax or Work Expense

Chat! You will love it.

Easily communicate with us about Accounting, Finance or Bookkeeping all in one place.

Custom Home Screen

One-tap access to web based services and important links conveniently located on one screen.

Stay Informed

The VIDEN App allows business owners to easily access a daily summary of how their company is performing.

Just The Important Info

Automatically synchronise your accounting information from two of the most popular cloud accounting packages, XERO and Intuit Quickbooks.


Cash Dashboard


Profit & Loss Dashboard


Assets Dashboard


Forecast Dashboard


Finance Dashboard


Profit & Loss Dashboard

Smart Debtor Dashboard

An interactive dashboard listing all outstanding invoices, 7 or 14 days over their expected payment dates, and the ability to easily notify a bookkeeper or debt collector to follow up the account.